Social change in regional towns

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We still miss participants from the Czech Republic, France and Spain!


During one week we will be discussing and trying to find a solution for how you can easily live in a place which is not perfect on a first sight - doesn't matter if it is a small village or a noisy suburb, we will try to find the mechanisms, how you can make your place more exciting through active citizenship and community building. If you are between 18 or 26 years old, you are interested in this topic and you are a citizen of participating countries, just write to us!

Co, kde a jak

Aim of this youth exchange is to bring together 25 young people and 5
group leaders from 5 countries (Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Ukraine and
Spain) for one week to discuss and share their experiences on the issue of
social changes in small regional town or remoted regions. Even though many
important things are happening in the capitals or big cities, also the towns
in countryside may play significant role in the social changes and could
offer to their inhabitants good life. We would like to show you these
changes happening in the place of venue and its surroundings. Our aim is to
think how to turn the sleepy hollow into the cool hip hollow, while using the
potential of local community life and traditional social bounds. Or how to
accept its weaknesses regarding the opportunities.

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Těší se na tebe Džerry, Terka, Eponine, Veronika.


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