BOND (event 007)

akce příroda
Místo Ekocentrum Dúbrava Hodonín
Věk 18–26 let
Začátek akce
Cena 130 Kč
Kontaktní osoba Lidia Benitez Brenes
734 392 735
Akce je vhodná i pro ty, co s námi jedou poprvé.

Co na nás čeká

Mission: Reconnect

Due to COVID-19, we have lost opportunities to connect with others.

So, let’s reconnect!

The event will explore the concept of connections, their meaning and value, as well as how to maintain them.

At the same time, we will help Ekocentrum Hodonín prepare for the new summer season.

Co, kde a jak

Both inexperienced and experienced participants are welcome. While knowing some English is preferable, it is not mandatory, and we are glad to help anyone with communication. Food (vegan), drinks, and mattresses will be provided. Just bring your sleeping bag and, if you wish, some snacks. We will be staying at Ekocentrum Hodonin and helping them do some cleaning and preparations for new season. Work part will last for around 6 hours on Saturday. The rest of the time will be spent on interactive program focusing our connections with other people. It will be fun, crazy, and self-reflective!

Dobrovolnická pomoc


The garden of the Ecocenter serves nature, children and the public.


It provides space for relaxation but also space for exploring nature and its protection.


During the weekend we will help mainly with the herb garden and elevated flower beds,but also with the maintenance of the garden – we will work around the trees and wetlands, planting rock gardens, so that the garden can continue to serve as well.

Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Lidia, Pablo, Thea, Danka a Eliška.


Kontaktní osoba: Lidia Benitez Brenes
Telefon: 734 392 735