Eco-Christmas with Hnutí Brontosaurus – Gift wrapping and clothes swap

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Co na nás čeká

Christmas is only one week away, and it is time to start wrapping presents or maybe find some last-minute treasures. To make sure that the Christmas season is not stressing you too much, the ESC-Volunteers created a series of workshops. The final workshop of our “Eco-Christmas with Hnutí Brontosaurus”-series focuses on gift wrapping and preparing for Christmas. We will create environmentally friendly and reusable packages and open the freeshop, where you can bring your old clothes or items and swap them for something new. The workshops will be in English, however you do not need to worry. We will find a way to communicate with everyone!

Co, kde a jak

The third and final workshop of this series is “Gift wrapping and clothes swap” where everyone will be able to make their Christmas packages more eco-friendly. We will provide everything you need for the packages but if you have some presents to wrap, feel free to take them with you. If you have some clothes that you are never wearing you can bring them to the freeshop!

Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Pia, Danka, Majka, Pablo.


Kontaktní osoba: Pia Miksch
Telefon: 734 392 735