Eco-Christmas with Hnutí Brontosaurus – Presents

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Co na nás čeká

Christmas is coming closer and with it the pressure to buy presents and wrap them beautifully. To ensure that this year will not stress you the international team of volunteers prepared a little series of workshops. In those workshops we will help you create an eco-friendly Christmas experience. During the second workshop we will prepare presents for friends and family. The aim is to create gifts that are fun to make, produce little to no waste, are personal and useful. We want to give you the chance to create something for yourself and others that is not following the trend of consumerism. For example, your handmade shampoo or a beeswax wrap. The workshops will be in English, however you do not need to worry. We will find a way to communicate with everyone!

Co, kde a jak

The second workshop of this series is “Presents” where every participant will have the chance to create some gifts and memories. We will provide everything needed at Hnutí Brontosaurus’ volunteering center. The only thing you should bring is good mood and motivation to create presents.

Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Pia, Danka, Majka, Pablo.


Kontaktní osoba: Pia Miksch
Telefon: 734 392 735