Bring on the Drama!

akce příroda
Místo Klubovna Moravská Nová Ves
Věk 16–26 let
Začátek akce
Cena 150
Kontaktní osoba Inas Sharif
+420 607 018 387
Akce je vhodná i pro ty, co s námi jedou poprvé.

Co na nás čeká

Want to spend your weekend doing things you like, with people that have the same interests? Look forward to this weekend where you’ll have fun through LARP games, activities, volunteering and meeting like-minded people. 

Don’t worry about your English skills, we’re all here to learn and have fun.

Co, kde a jak

This weekend is about having fun while volunteering and doing meaningful things and meeting people with similar interests and hobbies. 

The main topic of the weekend is LARP games, two short and fun LARP games will be prepared for you to participate in, express your thoughts and have fun. 

You will be provided with meals and snacks in between and while working. 


Accommodation: We’ll be sleeping on mattresses in our own sleeping bags in a shared space.

  • Ubytování: Clubroom, Mikulčice
  • Strava: ne-vegetariánská

Dobrovolnická pomoc

During Bring on the Drama! weekend event we will be helping with the maintenance of a local avenue of trees that we planted some time ago. The main work will be mulching, or other help in the village as needed. 

Na akci budeme pracovat přibližně 6 hodin denně.

Malá ochutnávka

Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Kory, Inas and Belal :).
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Kontaktní osoba: Inas Sharif
Telefon: +420 607 018 387