GATC: Get Alive Today Camp

Místo Kostel sv. Jiří
Věk 18–30 let
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Kontaktní osoba Elisabet Truhlářová
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Akce je vhodná i pro ty, co s námi jedou poprvé.

Co na nás čeká

GATC: Get alive today camp. Extraordinarily event, remarkable theme. Let's dive to the nucleus of our cell and try to live in small community for fourteen days in magical enviroment of an old church.

Will you be able to synthetise enough proteins for hard work for all organels of the cell (cook for the whole group); build stable endoskelet for transferring molecules around the cell (make stable paths for comunication among the group); and last but not least, make some endorphins (enjoy the camp)?

So get alive today and fill the aplication, so we can together show the world, what being alive feels like.

Co, kde a jak

Mornings will be usually about work. After lunch you can expect some rest, but in the afternoon we will have program, that some days will be physicaly demanding. So be prepared to get your hands dirty, hair messy, body exhausted and to let of steam. But do not be scared, we will be taking days of and some afternoons will be filled with relaxing program. You will be able to really enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere of this place by sleeping inside of the church, maybe even under the stars next to it if you wish to. We will be cooking for each other (we don´t have a cook so we have to take turns cooking for the whole group in pairs).

  • Ubytování: We will be sleeping inside of the church, on matraces on floor in sleeping bags. There is solar shower, small kitchen and room for us to meet avalible.
  • Strava: ne-vegetariánská, vegetariánská, veganská

Dobrovolnická pomoc

We will be helping this beautiful chruch, mostly by repairing the walls. The work might be a bit demanding. The church of saint George is the last memory of a town caled Pelhřimovy, right on the border with Poland. It was ruined during the WW2. Nowdays, it has been repaired by volunteers for 20 years. We will be working for 5.5 hours a day. There are 8 working days out of 14.

Na akci budeme pracovat 8 dní, každý den zhruba 5 hodin.

Malá ochutnávka

Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Elisabet, Kory a Bilal.
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Kontaktní osoba: Elisabet Truhlářová
Telefon: +420 720 053 634