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Co na nás čeká

Want to spend two weeks in a charming village in Moravian Wallachia? Experience the ancient connection between humans, nature and land? Mow meadows with locals passionate about environment? Learn about the region and explore its traditional crafts and skills? Get to know around 20 volunteers from Czechia and other European countries, who care about the world just like you do?


In short, want to spend two unforgettable weeks full of new and exciting experiences, friendships, with an interesting blend of local and international? See you at our Summit on Hay!

Co, kde a jak


We will stay in the local ecocentre's main building. Most of us will sleep in a shared large attic room, some of us in the common room. If you are more adventurous, you can sleep in the barn, or outside in the yard. There are two toilets, one bathroom with shower (hot water should be available), and one dry toilet outside.



There is a small kitchen with fridge. We will take turns in the kitchen and prepare vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snack in between) for each other. Some meals will be provided from the festival organisers. It will be so cool if you cook us a traditional dish from your region or country!



Our volunteering will mostly consist in cutting grass in the nearby meadows. There are several meadows to be mowed, which are scattered around our place. Depending on where a particular meadow is located, it will take on average 30-60 minutes to walk there. We might have a car or borrowed bicycles, which might help reduce the commute time, but it's not guaranteed.



We will have to be quite flexible about working. The organisers of the mowing festival will distribute work based on several factors, most importantly weather and the number of other volunteers available for a particular day. It means we are not able to plan out the exact program for the whole camp. Usually we have to plan just 1-2 days in advance, so we will not be able to tell you what exactly we will be doing, for example, on 12 July. That said, don't worry, on average we will still work 5-6 hours a day for 5 days a week.


Non-working program & activities

Since the work and commuting might get quite challenging, the rest of the program will not be too physically demanding. We will take it easy and focus on spending quality time together. Sharing, having interesting conversations, learning about and from each other, playing games, getting to know various cultures, exploring our values and ourselves. We will also welcome if you prepare some short activity or workshop for the rest of us.


Except for that, locals will also prepare some program about traditional skills for us, such as bread baking, or weaving loom workshop.

On top of that we can take short trips to the countryside around to discover local forests and nice views from hilltops, or go for a dip a local swimming pool. Last year we even had a guided tour of a famous ecocentre Hostětín full of environmentally friendly technologies and its cider house in the nearby village Hostětín.

  • Ubytování: We will sleep on mattresses in shared rooms. Alternatively, you can sleep on hay in the barn, or outside in the yard. Whichever you prefer, you will need your own sleeping bag.
  • Strava: vegetariánská

Dobrovolnická pomoc

We will join the 43rd year of an annual mowing festival and help the local community to cut grass on nearby meadows. These meadows are mostly inaccessible for agricultural machinery, so it needs to be done manually, in the traditional way. Managing meadows this way might be more demanding, but it is also more environmentally friendly and it helps to preserve biodiversity of the reagion and the "old-school" crafts, tools and skills necessary for the traditional mowing methods. On top of that it's an amazing opportunity for people from all over Czechia (and even from aborad) to come together, help the environment and havegreat time!


We will do some or all of the following:

  • scything - first, grass needs to be cut
  • raking - then it needs to be spread across the meadow
  • piling up the grass - then the dried grass needs to be collected in piles
  • loading the trucks - the piles of grass need to be taken away by trucks or horses
  • removing non-native saplings from the meadows


Working in the meadows might get quite demanding, especially when the weather is hot. But you will see people of all ages (and fitness levels) who can do it, so you can do it too! All you need is a hat to protect yourself from the sun, a bottle of water, some enthusiasim and team spirit. And of course, to be willing to step out of your comfort zone a bit ;)

Na akci budeme pracovat 10 dní, každý den zhruba 6 hodin.

Malá ochutnávka

Below you can see the Kosenka ecocentre's main building where we will stay and some pictures of last year's team working, making trips and having fun :)

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Těší se na tebe František, Inas, Kubo, Matěj.
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