Cake for Brontosaurus

Last weekend I was part of the big group of people who were preparing A CAKE for Brontosaura! Almost 600 people gathered together to make DORT pro Brontosaura. What is it? It's the greatest celebration in the last 40 years of my organization and the biggest celebration during my project as well. All of the best things are unplanned. And this was also true in this case . Somehow it happened that the end of our EVS was almost at the same time when our hosting organisation was celebrating its 40th birthday. And believe me, it couldn't have been better.

Brontosaurus speaks English

Did you hear the latest news? Or maybe you were travelling somewhere and the rumors haven't reached you yet. Brontosaurus started speaking English! How was it? It was exciting, funny, vigorous and super intercultural! (Czech version)

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