Eco-Christmas with Hnutí Brontosaurus - Decorations

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Co na nás čeká

Christmas is coming soon and with it the pressure to create decorations, buy presents, and wrap them beautifully. To ensure that this year will not stress you, our international team of volunteers prepared a little series of workshops to help you create an eco-friendly Christmas experience. In the first of three sessions we will create small decorative items from everyday objects and provide ideas how to bring the holiday feeling into your home. We will upcycle, recycle, and create beautiful decorations which you can certainly keep! The workshops will be in English, however you do not need to worry. We will find a way to communicate with everyone!

Co, kde a jak

The first workshop of this series is “Decorations” where every participant will have the chance to create some festive ornaments and decorations. You can bring some interesting paper or pictures you would like to transform. However, everything needed will be available. Additionally, we will provide small snacks and drinks to better enjoy a festive Christmas mood. The location is the Hnutí Brontosaurus’ headquarters in Brno. Take your friends and family with you and “let’s create”!

Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Pia, Danka, Majka, Pablo.


Kontaktní osoba: Pia Miksch
Telefon: 734 392 735