The Czech village in Banat, Serbia, came alive with volunteers

Volunteers from Hnutí Brontosaurus went to the smallest Czech village in the Banat area to meet compatriots from Serbia. The cooperation of the Hnutí Brontosaurus with the municipality of České Selo and neighboring Kruščice has been established more than seven years ago.

"We are very pleased with how much work young people from the Czech Republic have done for our community," says Josef Bužek, chairman of Česká Beseda in České Selo. In České Selo volunteers help with the maintenance of the historical wells, municipal areas, cemetery or crosses around the village. We also hung up bird houses for endangered birds. In Kruščice, the Brontosaurs contributed to the renovation of a 19. century expatriate house that will serve as a museum. We also organized a competition afternoon with eco-games for local children.
This year the Brontosaurs have launched a new project of tourist marking trails to support the development of friendly tourism in municipalities. The aim is to connect the municipalities of České Selo and Kruščice with the city of Bela Crkva and Romania.
The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the framework of public diplomacy projects in the field of Czech foreign policy and international relations.