Mobile environmental counseling center – also called “Ekostan” – is present at various Czech music festivals and other cultural events. It offers unconventional activities and information about environmental situation and volunteer work. Its goal is to motivate the general public, young people in particular, to spend their free time in an active way, to care about the world in which they live and to take part in the nature protection efforts. Join us and let’s visit some festival together.

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How does Ekostan work

Ekostan is supervised by a team of trained volunteers – young people who know a great deal about environmental protection and who want to devote a part of their free time to teaching and educating others. In return, they get not only valuable experience, but also a free ticket to an event in question.

Discussions, movie projections, competitions, bicycle rides, games, and various other activities – all of those are among the Ekostan associated events. Simultaneously, exhibitions of visual arts competitions organized by the Brontosaurus movement – Máme rádi přírodu and Ekofór – take place there.

We go to Trutnov open air music festival, Beseda u bigbítu, Prázdniny v Telči, Dny lidí dobré vůle, Mohelnický dostavník, Celtic festival Beltine, Earth Days, or various environmental festivals, to name just a few.

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We are looking for volunteers

  • For a team that is devoted to creating new competitions and activities for children

  • For a team of volunteers who are present during festivals

Want to get involved? If so, expect:

  • Free entrance to a festival and free accommodation provided by the movement

  • New friends and experiences

  • Practice in environmental education and communication with public

  • Training in fields of environmental counseling and volunteer work

Join us


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