Brontosaurus children groups

Fun, friends and adventure while exploring nature and its wonders – that, and more, can you expect from Brontosauří dětské oddíly (“Brontosaurus children groups”, abbreviated as “Brďo”). Their activities range from tens of meetings and expeditions to various competitions and events, as well as projects based on environmental education. During these projects, children learn how to protect educational trails, help in protected areas, or take care of a tree, to name just a few. However, this education does not take a form of a boring and demanding work – instead, we teach them to love nature, people, traditions, and their own region through funny and varied activities. Join us.

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What we offer

Duhové střípky
A year-round environmental education project

The main aim of the Duhové střípky project (“Pieces of rainbow”) is to suggest new topics to groups’ leaders for their environmental education activities in such a form that they would able to incorporate them into their actual routine with ease. Activities submitted during various stages of the competition should therefore be easy to include not only in isolated games, but also in long-term internal programs that many of the groups create for themselves. After all, the creators of Duhové střípky are active leaders as well.

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Máme rádi přírodu
Literary, photography and visual arts competition

This competition called Máme rádi přírodu (“We love nature”) makes children and young people aware of current environmental concerns. The contestants explore and, based on their own experience and imagination, come up with new “looks” of nature (being as it should be and not as it currently is) or things that they can do to help our environment. And since it is a competition, there is a prize to win!

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Children groups meeting

Traditional meeting of children groups from all over the Czech Republic, as well as the announcement of the results of Duhové střípky and celebrations of Earth Day, takes place in Mikulčice, a small town in the South Moravian region.

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Educational courses
Seminars and information for leaders

Since children have specific needs, our Brďo program has its own educational system. We offer courses for both beginners and experienced organizers in a form of one-day seminars or long-term education.

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Want to get involved?

Founding your own group

You can found your own core unit, club, or group. Alternatively, you can choose from ten currently active children groups that operate predominantly in Moravia. Additional children teams can be found within other Brontosaurus movement core units. Choose the one that is closest to you and join us!

Volunteer group

Do you live in Brno? Join our volunteer group, discover how the project works and meet other people with similar worldviews. If you want to and can, help us.

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