Our achievements

Our work is meaningful.
Take a look at three of our long-term projects.

Together for a school in the Himalayas

uspechy Himalaje projekty

For a couple of years now, we have been helping villagers in Ladhak (India). We are building an energetically self-sufficient boarding school in the village of Mulkbekh, providing both financial help and construction expertise. We want to make the school independent and to construct it side-by-side with local inhabitants so that they will see it as their own work and will be able to take care of it. Each year, our volunteers also go to Ladhak to teach local children and to instruct their teachers.

I appreciate this help greatly because such an act can make a person happy,” says the Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual leader. The Brontosaurus Movement is the only Czech non-governmental organization whose projects he supports financially. 


Living lecture room creation

uspechy Dubrava zahrada

For five years now, we have been helping in the Center for environmental education called Dúbrava, helping its neglected garden to thrive again and to serve both as a living lecture room for children and as a pleasant resting place for visitors. We planted more than 350 bushes and trees to form living fences, a floodplain forest model, and an arboretum; we also helped to build a series of demonstration biotopes – wetland, grassland, limestone rock, and others. Investing their time and energy, our volunteers created a herb garden and a tactile pavement; they want to carry on and to take care of the garden in the future.

Without these volunteers, our plans to turn the garden into a living lecture room would never become reality,” explains Petr Novotný, manager of the Dúbrava center.

Back to our roots

uspechy Jeseniky

Before the Second World War, villages in the Jesenicko region were populated mainly by Germans. When expulsed, they left a number of rapidly decaying historic monuments behind. From 2002 onwards, the situation is changing, albeit slowly. First of all, our volunteers repaired three forgotten objects – two springs and one cross. They have been repairing other objects ever since and successfully involved local people in this project as well, restoring tens of minor monuments. When they inaugurated the Vincenz Priessnitz educational trail close to Jeseník, more than a thousand people came to see it. Cesta ke kořenům (the “Back to our roots” project) still continues.

We realized that the greatest wealth that we have is around us, and that we have to take care of it so that we don’t lose it,” says Tom Hradil, founder of this project.