We want a world where people are not indifferent towards the environment, where they respect and revere both natural and cultural heritage, and where they take care of it together.

Cile Cesticky

Goals of Hnutí Brontosaurus programs

  • To educate both ourselves and others through work, personal example, and games, as well as through immediate contact with nature, to be responsible towards life and our planet in general. To protect the environment and to try to discover ways to coexist with it in harmony. To take care of our cultural and historical heritage, and to help young people understand its significance.

  • To be interested in social issues and to search for the solutions to them with regards to long-term opinions and beliefs of other people. To support healthy attempts to alter one’s lifestyle towards a less consumerist one.

  • To bring each other happiness. To organize original work and experiential events in this spirit. To help young people to form groups, allowing them to feel the sense of belonging, appreciation, accomplishment, and self-realization.